What Is Conical Projection



What is meant by conical projection?

Projection maps are shown here. Conic projections are obtained by projecting the globe onto the surface of a cone in such a way that the point of the cone is located above either the North Pole or the South Pole and is tangent to the surface of the Earth at some standard or selected parallel.

What is a conical projection map?

projection on a conic surface A type of map projection in which the features of a globe’s surface are depicted as if they were projected onto a cone, which is typically positioned so that it rests on the globe along a parallel.

What is an example of a conic projection?

Conic projections are most commonly used for mapping the polar regions, as well as for maps that need to show only a portion of the entire globe. Conic projections include the following examples: the Albers Equal Area Conic, the Equidistant Conic, the Lambert Conformal Conic, and the Polyconic Projection.

What are the types of conical projection?

Normal conical projections include the Lambert conformal conic projection, the simple conic projection, the Albers equal-area projection, and the Polyconic projection. These are the four most well-known normal conical projections.

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